Babalon is a powerful figure in the occult, with many attributes associated with her. In Thelema, Babalon is seen as an independent and liberated woman who embodies divine feminine energy.

She is often referred to as “The Scarlet Woman” or “Mother of Abominations”, which refer to her connection to the Beast mentioned in St. John’s Book of Apocalypse (Revelation). Her role in Enochian magic also gives her a place of great importance, with many believing that she can open the portals to higher spiritual realms. To those who follow Thelema, Babalon reigns as a reminder that women too have just as much power and potential as men when it comes to spiritual growth and exploration.

Thus, Babalon is an important figure in the occult and a powerful symbol of female strength. She serves as an inspiring example for women who are looking to embrace their own power and express themselves fully.

Jack Parsons was a prominent figure in the early 20th century occult movement, and his life is still surrounded by mystery and speculation. His series of rituals known as the ‘Babalon Working’ have become legendary in esoteric circles, with some believing that he succeeded in summoning a supernatural being who would usher in a new era of enlightenment.

Others, however, suggest that something went awry during the ritual and this may explain why Parsons died unexpectedly at such a young age. Whatever happened during those fateful days will likely remain shrouded in mystery for many years to come. It’s clear though, that Parsons’ legacy lives on through his influential writings – providing inspiration to generations of mystics and occultists alike.