The Different Orders of Angels

Angels have been part of our collective consciousness for centuries. From religion to literature, angels are a source of fascination and awe. But many don’t know the specifics about angels and the various orders they belong to. Let’s dive into the different orders of angels and how they are classified.

The three main orders of angels are seraphim, cherubim, and thrones. Seraphim are the highest order of angels, closest to God in power and glory. They are believed to be creatures of pure light and fire who serve as God’s messengers and guardians. In Hebrew, seraphim translates to “fiery ones” or “burning ones” because they are said to be composed entirely of flame.

Cherubim are the second-highest order of angels in terms of power and authority. They were created before humans were even around, making them some of the oldest heavenly beings alive today. Cherubim represent wisdom, knowledge, mercy, justice, joy, love, protection, guidance, and prayerful communication with God. They are also known as guardians or protectors who guard sacred places like gardens or temples from anyone who wants to do harm or defile them in any way.

Thrones make up the third-highest order of angels in terms of power and authority. As their name implies, these celestial beings rule over all other angelic orders with an iron fist—or more accurately an iron will! Thrones represent justice and righteousness—they ensure that all laws governing Heaven are being properly followed by its inhabitants at all times. Thrones work closely with the divine light that radiates from God himself; they distribute this energy throughout Heaven so that it can be used for good works on Earth as well as in Heaven itself.

All three angelic orders play important roles in maintaining harmony within Heaven while also protecting us here on Earth from evil forces that seek to disrupt our lives or bring chaos into our lives through temptation or destruction. While we may never fully understand why these celestial beings exist or what exactly their purpose is here amongst us mere mortals – but one thing is certain – they remain a source of inspiration for us all!

Whether you call them seraphim, cherubim or thrones – these powerful spiritual beings act as both protectors and guides through life’s toughest moments – reminding us that we can always count on divine help when we need it most!