Choronzon is a powerful demon mentioned in Thelemic literature, first described by occultist Aleister Crowley. Choronzon is known as the ‘Demon of Dispersion’, and was described by Crowley as “a temporary personification of the raving and inconsistent forces that occupy the Abyss.”

Choronzon is said to reside within the Abyss, a place of chaos and primordial confusion that lies between the rational universe and non-rational planes of existence. Choronzon is often considered to be an embodiment of pure evil and chaos, and its influence can be felt throughout all aspects of life.

Choronzon symbolizes disorder, destruction, and corruption; it personifies the energy of discordant forces working against human progress. Choronzon’s followers are those who have chosen to embrace chaos over order or reason. Its rituals are designed to evoke destruction, disruption, madness and death in pursuit of power.

Generally speaking, Choronzon should be avoided if possible, as it embodies all that is chaotic and destructive. Its influence can manifest itself in many forms; from unsettling feelings of dread or paranoia to physical manifestations of destruction or corruption. Choronzon’s power should never be underestimated, so it’s important to understand how to protect yourself against its influence before attempting any kind of spiritual work involving Choronzon.